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The Hammer Of Witches: The Screech Owl

The Screech Owl is a feature length film in the HOW franchise. This story introduces new characters to the HOW world.

The Screech Owl is about missing children happenings in small mountain town USA. Detectives Paul and Mark chase an exhausted lead. Mark is skeptical while detective Paul believes there is something happening in front of their eyes.  

Paul believes the strange HAM radio interceptions from hermit Jeff are involved in the case. The detectives and Jeff get tangled up in a demonic undertaking that is key to everything they have been looking for.

HOW Outside Trailer.jpg

Pictured to the left: Detectives Paul, Mark and Jeff Brown together in camper operating Jeff's HAM radio.

"HOW -The Screech Owl" is currently in post production and will be hitting the festivals this year!


From Alexander Paspa

A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Film series in the making created by Alexander Paspa.

The Film series is a follow up to the award winning short film "Malefica". In the series we revisit characters Lucas and Sammael (Malefica) in detail and explore the secret "Malleus" organization formed long ago to hunt witches and demons.

The Hammer of Witches  (2020) - Official Sizzle Reel  (HD)
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The Hammer of Witches episodes 1 & 2 Now Streaming on Youtube and Vimeo


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Lucas has been stuck in a place known as "The woods" its a living hell where he suffers from inner turmoil.

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