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About Us

Paspa Productions, LLC

A multi - media production company. Paspa Productions started three generations ago with my great grandfathers both renowned filmmakers.

Maximillian Paspa was a filmmaker in Zagreb, Croatia and founder the Keno Club a film school for independant filmmakers.


Jean Lebrun was my other great grandfather, a Hollywood producer who wrote for 21st century fox, was a stuntman and taught martial arts to the army in Hawaii.

Meet Alex

The Owner

Alexander Paspa

Writer | Director | Producer  

Alexander grew up in Hickory, NC. Alex graduated college from the University of North Carolina Asheville with a degree in Music Technology.

Alex loves music and as a writer/director/composer he is able to tell his story in a special way. To this day, Alex’s imagination is always running and he is inspired by locations and the people he meets!

Alex directed/produced his first short film Malefica in 2017. Ever since he has been working on his follow up series “The Hammer of Witches”.

From 2016 to 2019 Alex worked in NYC production on Film and TV shows such Gotham, Law and Order: SVU and The Irishman.

The Hammer of Witches: The Screech Owl is Alexander's first feature length film designed to be one of several films in the series.

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